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Bare Bones ships WeatherCal, a weather forecasting app

Bare Bones Software has released WeatherCal
(, a new Mac utility
that adds current weather conditions and four-day forecast to iCal on
the Mac and to the iPhone or iPod touch.

“WeatherCal is very different from BBEdit and Yojimbo, the class
leaders for which we’re known, but it’s every bit as useful and
finely crafted,” says Rich Siegel, founder and CEO of Bare Bones
Software, Inc. “Plus, it’s pretty nifty having your plans right next
to the weather that affects them.”

WeatherCal creates calendars that contain info on current and
predicted weather conditions in user-specified locales. The
WeatherCal system preferences panel allows the user to choose their
favorite U.S. and international locations.

Once set, WeatherCal obtains the current day’s weather and four days
of forecasts, and presents the information in iCal as all-day events,
with additional details available in a single click. These calendars
and events can synchronize to other computers or to your iPhone or
iPod touch along with the rest of your iCal data, using MobileMe (or
iTunes) syncing.

WeatherCal costs US$10. A demo is available for download.

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