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JEDEC to host Flash Storage Summit

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association’s upcoming Flash Storage
Summit in San Jose, California, on April 6-7 will highlight the
latest proposals and proposed standards for the flash storage
technology. Speakers and workshop instructors will include
representatives from Agilent, CST, Denali, Numonyx, Qualcomm, RIM,
Samsung, Seagate, Spansion, and Toshiba.

The conference registration fee is US$75 for members and $100 for
non-members through March 20. The conference on Monday, April 6, will
feature a wide range of flash-related topics. Attendees will learn
about the latest advancements and industry proposals on: mobile
storage applications, validation for flash memory systems, a forecast
and market trends for flash, solid state drives, flash cards and next
generation technologies.

On Tuesday, April 7, back-to-back workshops will offer attendees an
opportunity to explore topic areas in detail, including an SSD
workshop facilitated by Seagate and a Flash Components/UFS/e-MMC v.
4.4 workshop facilitated by Spansion and Toshiba. For full program
details, locations and registration, visit:

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