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Viva Vision releases new iPhone apps

Viva Vision (, a provider of mobile
entertainment, has released its first two iPhone applications, based
on the Car and Driver and Cute ‘n’ Funny Pets brands. They’re
available for US$0.99 each at the Apple App Store.

The new mobile entertainment applications allow users to view images
as an automatic slideshow, browse through the image galleries, and
save their favorite images to use as a wallpaper or share with
friends. With the Car and Driver slideshow app, you can check out
cars of the past, present and future. This app features automatic
playback through dozens of the world’s coolest cars.

Users can pause the slideshow, zoom in and out and save their
favorite images to their phone to share with friends or use as their
wallpapers. New cars are updated regularly.

With the Cute ‘n’ Funny Pets slideshow app, pet lovers can see their
furry friends caught on camera. Users can play the slideshow, pause
on favorite images and save favorite images to their iPhone photo
album. New pet photos are added regularly.

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