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Intuit expanding online payroll to the Mac

Intuit says it will soon introduce Intuit Online Payroll
( to Mac users as well as
accountants, banks and credit unions. Beginning fall 2009, the
benefits of Intuit Online Payroll will be extended to Mac users with
Safari support and integration with Intuit QuickBooks for Mac.

Mac users will be able to enter employees’ hours and with just a few
clicks, according to Intuit. Online Payroll will automatically
calculate earnings, payroll taxes and deductions. In addition, the
offering allows users to print paychecks from their printer, or use
direct deposit.

Intuit Online Payroll instantly calculates federal and state payroll
taxes for the user. It helps keep track of what taxes a user owes and
reminds them when and how much to pay. A small business can write a
check or pay federal and select state taxes electronically with E-Pay
at no additional cost.

What’s more, Intuit Online Payroll automatically fills in the latest
federal and many state payroll tax forms; user need just print, sign
and mail, or E-File select state forms at no additional cost. Plus,
with Intuit Online Payroll, users receive e-mails reminding them
about tax payment and form deadlines.

For a limited time, Intuit Online Payroll is being offered for free
for six months and US$9.95 per month after that for new users, a
savings of about $300 for the first year compared to the regular
price for Intuit Online Payroll.

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