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Quark certifies new QuarkXPress 8 training experts

Quark ( has announced that
more than 20 QuarkAlliance partners have been
recognized as QuarkXPress 8 Certified Training

As QuarkXPress 8 Certified Training Experts,
these QuarkAlliance training providers not only
receive all the benefits of membership in the
QuarkAlliance, but have been taught QuarkXPress 8
in detail by Quark’s own internal trainers, the
company says. Individual trainers who receive
certification are recognized by Quark, and their
organizations receive a logo that designates them
as a Quark-certified QuarkXPress 8 training

To become a QuarkXPress 8 Certified Training
Expert, QuarkAlliance partners must successfully
complete an online exam that is focused on print
media or print media and Web publishing. To help
QuarkAlliance partners prepare for the exam,
Quark offers training sessions throughout the
year. The training sessions planned for 2009 are
as follows:

° Tuesday, March 17 and Friday, March 20; ° Tuesday, May 12 and Friday, May 15;
° Tuesday, Sept.15 and Friday, Sept. 18; ° Tuesday, Nov. 3 and Friday, Nov. 6.

The training sessions are hosted by internal
trainers from Quark, consist of two four-hour
sessions, and culminate with the exam for
certification. To gain certification, trainers
must pass the exam with a score of 88 percent or
better. QuarkAlliance partners can register for
the upcoming certification classes by contacting

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