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Mesa Dynamics debuts ‘Parallel Sessions’ in Stainless Browser

Mesa Dynamics has updated Stainless (,
the company’s multi-process web browser for Mac OS X 10.5
(“Leopard”). Like Google’s Chrome browser, each tab in Stainless runs
in a separate process, offering increased browser performance and
stability, as well as decreased overall memory usage.

Although Chrome served as inspiration for the first release of
Stainless, the current release marks the beginning of Mesa’s endeavor
to craft Stainless into a full-fledged browser with features not
found in other products, according to the folks at Mesa Dynamics.

Version 0.5 of Stainless introduces a feature new to web browsing
called “parallel sessions,” which allows a user to manage multiple
log-in sessions to the same web site concurrently. For example, a
user with three Gmail accounts may log into and use all of these
accounts at the same time, each in a separate tab or window. The
concept of parallel sessions in Stainless also extends to its
bookmarks, which store session information in addition to the
standard URL link and title.

The new version of Stainless also includes a vertical bookmark shelf
that offers users access to numerous bookmarks in a screen-real
estate friendly manner. Other new features include a single-window
mode, page source view and support from HTML5 offline storage

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