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Cocktail 4.3 (Tiger Edition) has been released

Cocktail 4.3 (Tiger Edition)(/a), an update of the general purpose
utility for Mac OS X, has been released. This version
( adds the ability to clear potentially
harmful files such as most common trojans and worms (iServices.A,
iServices.B, RSPlug.A, Jahlav.A, Lamzev.A, Leap.A, Inqtana.A,
Astht.A, Astht.B, PokerStealer, etc.) or other files that may harm
your system in any way, adds ability to clear CrashReporter and
HangReporter logs, addresses an issue in which Cocktail may stop
responding during a scheduled clearing of caches and fixes
compatibility issues with QuickTime 7.6.

Cocktail 4.3 (Tiger Edition) is distributed as a Universal Binary and
runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs. Cocktail 4.3 (Tiger
Edition) requires Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server 10.4 – 10.4.11 and is
tested for compatibility with Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server 10.4.11.

Cocktail 4.3.1 (Leopard Edition) for Mac OS X 10.5.x and Cocktail 3.7
(Panther Edition) for Mac OS X 10.3.x are available for download from

Cocktail is an award winning general purpose utility for Mac OS X.
The application serves up a s mix of maintenance tools and interface
tweaks, all accessible via a comprehensive graphical interface. Most
of Cocktail’s major features are arranged in five basic categories.
In addition, a Pilot lets you clean, repair and optimize your system
with the click of a button.

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