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CyberTouch|AV announces 19-inch rack mount touch screen monitor

CyberTouch|AV ( has introduced the
ER1900, the latest addition to its line of touch screen LCD monitors.
Available now, The ER1900 is a professional-grade 19.0-inch
integrated touch screen LCD monitor designed specifically for 19-inch
rack mount applications.

It utilizes a 19.0-inch wide screen diagonal color TFT LCD as display
and a resistive touch screen as the input device. Touch screen
communication to CPU is RS232 or USB. The ER1900 is designed for any
application that uses racks. The wide-screen aspect ratio allows
display of more information while reducing the number of screens and
increasing interactive efficiency, according to the folks at

Incorporating an 8-wire resistive touch screen, the ER1900’s touch
surface is protected by a chemical and abrasion resistant
polycarbonate overlay. It responds to the touch of a finger, stylus
or a gloved-hand. The ER1900 interacts with most software
applications after installation of driver software. ER1900 utilizes
an NEC Multisync (model number LCD195WXM) with 1440×900.

The ER1900 is compatible with Crestron, AMX, Pioneer DVD-V8000,
Boeckeler Pointmaker and is also available with an on-board Apple Mac
mini or mini PC.

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