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Suni Medical Imaging certifies MacPractice’s MacSensor solution

MacPractice (, a developer of MacPractice
DDS, has received certification from Suni Medical, Imaging, a
manufacturer of quality intraoral sensors for use in dentistry, for
the MacSensor Solution with SuniRay, which is Suni’s top-of-the-line
intraoral CMOS sensor.

The SuniRay sensor utilizes the latest CMOS technology to deliver
high image quality with diagnostic capabilities. Suni’s plug and play
sensors are designed for dentists to install and move from treatment
room to treatment room. Since one size does not fit all patients, a
smaller size #1 is available for children and adults with special
anatomical considerations.

A SuniRay sensor kit includes two sensors (size #1 or #2) for
US$13,495 for Mac users. Through March 2, MacPractice and Suni are
offering a $1,000 discount on a SuniRay sensor kit. The MacSensor
Solution with SuniRay requires MacPractice DR with the SuniRay
Interface to capture, view and manipulate images on every computer
running MacPractice DDS.

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