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RemoteCalendar released for the iPhone

Thomas Dingler Software Development has released RemoteCalendar
(, an iPhone/iPod touch application
that gives users direct access to calendars located Internet or
intranet servers. RemoteCalendar uses the CalDAV protocol to access
these calendars.

CalDAV is a standard to access scheduling information on a remote
server (such as POP3 or IMAP for eMail is) and is supported by a
growing number of servers, e.g. Apple iCal Server, Google, Zimbra
5.x, Oracle Beehive and more. RemoteCalendar directly accesses
calendar data using the build-in Internet connection in the Apple
iPhone or iPod touch. Support of HTTPS connections is included. By
using the iPhone build-in VPN client, a connection to intranet
calendars is also possible. This requires an iPhone-VPN compatible
intranet configuration.

RemoteCalendar currently supports group and person calendars of Apple
iCal Servers and many other CalDAV servers. The application is
available in an English and a German version and requires an iPhone
or iPod touch with firmware version 2.2. RemoteCalendar is available
at the Apple App Store for $6.99.

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