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HolyWars Veteran released for the iPhone

HolyWars Veteran ( is
a new app for the iPhone that lets you create your polls and test
other people opinions. It’s available for US$2.99 at the Apple App

You can take or make quizzes. With HolyWars Veteran, you can take
quizzes and evaluate your intellectual level. Make your own quiz and
check out if other people are clever enough to answer it correctly.
The more you give correct answers to quizzes, the more your rating

When people take part in your polls you can see blinking spots of
different colors on the globe. They represent people’s opinions all
around the globe as every color corresponds to a particular answer.
When you start HolyWars Veteran for the first time, the application
determines your location and uses it to show the distribution of
opinions on our planet when you choose an answer in other polls.

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