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ATTO releases new 6GB/s SAS/SATA host adapters

ATTO Technology ( ) has released what it says
is the industry’s first 16-port 6Gb/s SAS/SATA Host Adapters, the
ExpressSAS H60F and H6F0, as well as the release of the
4-internal/4-external port ExpressSAS H644, to its existing family of
6Gb/s SAS/SATA host adapters.

Now available for original equipment manufacturers, the H60F, H6F0
and H644 deliver throughput of up to 600MB/second per port with the
flexibility to connect to SAS, SAS2.0, SATA and SATA II devices. An
expansion of ATTO’s ExpressSAS 6Gb/s SAS/SATA host adapter product
line, the H60F, H6F0 and H644 provide the fastest available
connection to SAS/SATA storage in Mac, Windows and Linux
environments, the company claims.

The ExpressSAS H60F and H6F0 feature a two-host-adapters-in-one
architecture with two independent controllers delivering 16 lanes of
connectivity to achieve approximately 60 percent faster performance
than competitive offerings, according to ATTO. The H60F, H6F0 and
H644 all support up to 256 physical devices and are backwards
compatible with 3GB/second SAS and SATA devices.

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