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Zevrix Solutions releases LinkOptimizer 3.2.7 for Adobe InDesign

Zevrix Solutions has released LinkOptimizer 3.2.7, a maintenance
update to its workflow automation solution to optimize link size and
resolution for Adobe InDesign. LinkOptimizer allows to reduce the
size of InDesign jobs and increase the processing speed by
eliminating excessive image data.

LinkOptimizer automatically reduces the image resolution, scales and
crops the images in Photoshop according to their dimensions in the
InDesign document and the target resolution specified, and reimports
them to InDesign at 100%. In addition, LinkOptimizer can automate the
image color conversion, sharpening and merging of layers, as well as
run Photoshop Actions during processing.

The new update allows to process a wider range of links by ignoring
rotation angles smaller than 0.01 degree. InDesign occasionally
applies small rotation angles to some links which prevented
LinkOptimizer from cropping the images.

LinkOptimizer 3.2.7 can be purchased from the Zevrix Solutions web
site,, for US$139.95, as well as from authorized
resellers. Demo is also available for download. Upgrade to
LinkOptimizer 3.2.7 is free for licensed users of version 3 and up,
and US$40 for the users of earlier versions.

LinkOptimizer is available for Mac OS X 10.4.2 and higher, a
Universal Binary, and works with Adobe InDesign CS-CS4.

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