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Lightwork Design releases first service pack for LightWorks 7.9

LightWork Design, a supplier of rendering solutions for developers of
advanced 3D computer graphics software, today announced the release
of its first Service Pack for LightWorks 7.9.

“We’re very pleased to bring this first Service Pack release of
LightWorks 7.9 to our customers” said Graeme McCarthy, Director of
Product Services at LightWorks. “With this Service Pack, we’re
providing a host of fixes for our customers and their users that will
deliver a marked improvement in render quality, such as improved
gamma correction for texture input as well as numerous other
enhancements including improved Japanese dialogues”.

“We’re also really excited about the new features planned for the
next full version of LightWorks” continued McCarthy. “LightWorks
version 8.0 is planned for release in March 2009 and it will
introduce a new style of rendering for our users, giving them an
enhanced workflow and user experience”.

The Service Pack is available as a download for both Windows and Mac
platforms from the LightWorks Support site at support with other supported platforms
available on demand.

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