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Abvent releases new Artlantis Media CDs

The Abvent Group, editor and publisher of Artlantis software
(, has released three new Media CDs designed
to enhance the Artlantis Media collection.

The Animated People Business 1 and Animated People Casual 3 CDs,
created from the aXYZ Design Collection, can be used for both
animations and still images. Users can set the built-in behaviors of
these objects with the same ease they place them into an Artlantis
scene — via drag and drop. Each CD includes ten 3D human models in
business or casual clothing, with five pre-calculated behaviors each.
The colors of the clothes can be changed, as well. Objects are
optimized to 3,000 faces per character.

Developed by Abvent and Bionatics, the 3D Asian Trees CD is the next
edition in the most realistic plant library available to designers
and architects. Based on the natural genetic coding of the plants,
leaves, bark, flowers, and fruit are all realistically simulated,
according to the folks at the Abvent Group. The CD includes 57
photo-realistic 3D models of trees (20 different species of various
ages). These drag and drop objects were created from Bionatics seeds.

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