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FlightTrack Pro flies to iPhone, iPod touch

Appropos Mobile and online trip planning service TripIt have
announced FlightTrack Pro, the next generation of the flight tracker
for the iPhone and iPod touch. Travelers simply forward their airline
confirmation emails to, and FlightTrack Pro
automatically provides real-time flight cancellations, delays, gate
changes, route maps, 10-day weather forecasts and more.

FlightTrack Pro is the first application to synchronize TripIt
itineraries to its service on iPhone and iPod touch, according to Ben
Kazez, founder, Appropos Mobile. FlightTrack Pro’s itinerary
synchronization is powered by the TripIt application programming
interface for sharing travel itinerary information among travel web
sites, travel suppliers, travel agents and related travel services.

FlightTrack Pro is available at the Apple App Store for US$9.99. For
more info go here:

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