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Innovative Language releases pocket language apps for the iPhone

Channeling the shrunken nature of Mikey from Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory, Innovative Language Learning company has mimicked
that miniaturization by encapsulating the benefits of classroom, text
book, tutor, and software program all into one prepackaged iPhone

By using the touch-screen you can listen to pre-recorded lessons and
dialogues, record yourself, search the entire application, read over
35 pages of text-book style lesson notes and listen to about two CDs
worth of audio, including a compact version of our podcasts,
according to Peter Galante, COO of Innovative Language Learning.

Pocket Italian ( is
compatible for all of the touch-screen versions of iPhones, iPods,
and iTouch devices and can be purchased at the Apple App Store
for US$4.99 for a limited time.

The app is currently available in Arabic, French, Italian, Japanese,
Korean, and Russian language on iTunes and will be available in a
total of nine different languages, including English, German, and
Spanish — all coming soon. They will be offered at four different
levels of aptitude and will all be made available for purchase on
iTunes. Each edition of Pocket Language contains ten different
“lessons,” making the languages easy to learn, as one lesson
subsequently builds upon the next.

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