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WoodWing releases Enterprise 6 content publishing platform

WoodWing Software ( has released Enterprise
6, the latest version of the company’s flagship content publishing
platform. Equipped with a new editing application called “Content
Station,” Enterprise 6 offers article planning tools, direct access
to any type of content repository, and integrated Web delivery

Content Station allows users to efficiently create articles for
delivery to the web, print, and mobile devices, and offers
out-of-the-box integration with the open-source web content
management system Drupal.

Content Station works with Enterprise’s new server plug-ins to allow
users to search, select, and retrieve content stored in other
third-party repositories such as digital asset management systems,
archives, and wire systems. Video, audio, and text files can then be
collected into “dossiers,” edited, and set for delivery to a variety
of outputs, all from a single user-interface. A built-in XML editor
lets authors create documents intended solely for digital output. The
content planning application lets managers assign content to users
both inside and outside of the office.

Enterprise’s Web publishing capabilities feature a direct integration
with Drupal, the open-source Web content management system. Content
authors click on a single button to preview or deliver content
directly to Drupal and get information such as page views, ratings,
and comments back from the Web CMS. And if something needs to be
pulled from the site, editors can simply click “Unpublish.” They
don’t have to contact a separate web editor or navigate through
another system’s interface. The server plug-in architecture also
allows for any other Web content management system to be easily
connected, according to Erik Schut, president of WoodWing.

Other features in Enterprise 6 address print industry-specific needs
in InDesign, such as jumping articles from one page or document to
another, a plug-in called Smart Image that automates importing of XMP
metadata from images into text frames, and the ability to save
InDesign documents as Layout Modules which can have their own
workflow and be reused in multiple layouts. A new versioning system
and deeper integration with Adobe’s InDesign server also debuted.
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