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Canto releases Cumulus 7.6.1

Canto Cumulus 7.6.1 ( is available for immediate
download, Canto announced today. Many improvements and fixes will be
clearly apparent to users and administrators, while other updates
were seeded to ease the transition to the advanced architecture
updates coming in the company’s next major product release, Cumulus 8.

In all, more than 130 additions, changes and fixes were logged for
the update, which Canto recommends for all Cumulus customers. Most
notable among the product’s new capabilities is the ability for
Cumulus to send automated email notifications when category
assignments are made or changed. This enables organizations who use
Cumulus categories for project management (in addition to digital
asset management) to keep selected employees up to date as assets
move through their development pipelines.

Enhanced metadata support is now available for Microsoft Visio. When
Visio files are cataloged, their entire text contents can be
extracted and saved as searchable metadata by Cumulus.

InDesign CS4 is now supported by the powerful Cumulus InDesign
plug-in, which ships with all Cumulus servers.

Also newly supported is the Sharable Content Object Reference Model
(SCORM), a specification of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL)
Initiative made available by the Office of the United States
Secretary of Defense.

In addition, substantial improvements were made to the Cumulus Web
clients, finetuning their usability, and bringing them closer in line
with advanced features offered in the Cumulus Mac- and Windows-native
software clients.

Cumulus 7.6.1 is the company’s final scheduled Cumulus product line
update before the release of Cumulus 8, expected later this year.

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