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NuageProduction announces new iPhone, iPod apps

NuageProduction ( has released four
applications for the iPhone and iPod touch that help users customize
access to thousands of international media sources. The solutions
enable users to personalize content index from expanding directories
of TV networks, radio stations, print media, RSS feeds, and web pages.

The applications work on 3G, Edge and Wi-Fi networks, and in Airplane
Mode with streaming and downloading options. Video access requires a
Wi-Fi connection. Three of the four applications — NuagePapers,
NuageTV and NuageRadio — are free on the Apple App store.

A fourth application, NuagePlayer, combines the other three
applications, includes added features, and is available for $3.99.

Version 1.0 of the applications includes thousands of worldwide links
to TV shows, live radio programs, podcasts, newspaper front pages,
and RSS feeds. NuagePlayer is an app that combines access to all
media and offers automated downloads of the latest refreshed
enclosures per feed. NuagePlayer users also can add their own feeds
to the provided links.

NuageProduction President Frederic Sigal says the company will soon
release a fifth application, NuageProtect, for enterprise and mobile
users who wish to safeguard or geographically limit access to
documents or other content. The geolocalization features, for which a
patent is pending, enable companies to restrict access to content
only within authorized boundaries or networks.

NuageProduction plans to introduce versions of the applications for
the Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile, Nokia, Mac OS X, and Windows
platforms. The company is in advanced discussions with global media
companies about a variety of potential content-related and
advertising partnerships, Sigal says.

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