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Developers: there’s a new project for writing Cocoa apps

Developers, take note: there’s a new project for writing Cocoa
applications in the Basic programming language similar to VB: KBasic
( It’s described as a full featured language,
which supports the best modern programming techniques known with
objects, events and lots of documentation.

KBasic is based on Qt 4.4 and the upcomming Qt 4.5, which directly
supports Cocoa. This means KBasic becomes Cocoa-based on Mac
platforms (leaving Carbon). Cocoa is Apple’s modern framework on the

KBasic’s source codes are provided for Visual Studio C++ 2008,
KDevelop and Xcode. Qt itself is open source and available from
Nokia. You may use the KBasic’s source codes under the terms of the
GNU Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation
(version 3).

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