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MacVector releases MacVector 10.5

MacVector Inc. ( has released MacVector
10.5, their third major release since forming in January 2007.
MacVector is a desktop sequence analysis application running on the

This release sees the introduction of a new Align To Reference tool
allowing alignment of cDNAs to genomic sequences to aid in the
identification of splice sites and introns. This version also builds
on the new interface first introduced in MacVector 10, with
customizable toolbars, a new multi-pane Preferences pane and pop-up
menu paths on window title bars.

File reading has been simplified and enhanced to allow easier
importing of sequences into any function inside MacVector. The
Assembler module has been updated too, with easier editing of reads
and contigs, and a new view to enable printing of contigs, says
MacVector’s president, Dr. Kevin Kendall. Assembler is a desktop
sequence assembly add on for MacVector.

You’ll have to contact MacVector Inc. for pricing.

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