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VelaClock for iPhone, iPod touch updated to version 1.4

The Vela Design Group ( has announced VelaClock
1.4 for the iPhone and iPod touch. VelaClock is a world clock that
can quickly display the time of sunrise, sunset, three kinds of
twilight for dawn and dusk, moonrise, moonset, duration of daylight,
moon phase and tilt, date and times for the next four moon phases,
countdown to the next sunrise or sunset, and more.

Version 1.4 allows the current date and time to be changed. Changing
the current date provides the ability to view information such as
sunrise, sunset and twilight times and moon phases for any day in the
past or future. This is useful for planning travel, outdoor
activities and photo shoots.

Velacclock 1.4 also lets you display the day of week below digital
time for each city. It also adds a check mark to selected row.
There’s now a darkened background color of selected row and detail
area for better visibility of selected state. Finally, up to 50
cities may be added.

VelaClock 1.4 is priced at US$3.99 and is available exclusively from
Apple’s App Store. Existing VelaClock iPhone app users may upgrade
for free. VelaClock works with iPhone 3G, the original iPhone, and
iPod touch. VelaClock does not require a network connection to

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