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Smule updates Zephyr for the iPhone

Smule has updated Zephyr (, a
tool for “unlimited self-expression” for the iPhone. It’s available
at the Apple App Store for US$0.99. The update enhances the original
app by allowing users to track their own messages, reply directly to
messages they receive and to personalize how they view messages.

With this app, users can express thoughts by writing or drawing on a
snow covered screen. Zephyr senses every touch and tilt to supplement
each message with a wind sound. Gently composed writing might be
accompanied by the sound of a lightly blowing breeze. Quickly drawn
designs might generate the sound of blustery winds.

If a recipient likes a particular message, he or she can express
“love” by tapping on a heart icon. A message that is “loved” will get
passed on to another recipient.

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