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Intellicore updates ImageTouch for iPhone, iPod touch

Intellicore has released ImageTouch 2.0
( for the iPhone and iPod touch.
The app lets you use the devices to “beautify your pictures and
compose and send amazing compositions to family and friends.”

With ImageTouch you can: add pictures from your iPhone or iPod touch
photo library; resize, move, rotate one or more pictures; switch
pictures with a double tap; add a frame or a shadow to any picture
with a long tap on the picture; change background color with a long
tap on the background; export in high rez in the iPhone or iPod touch
photo library; add and filter with tags, dates and locations to find
your compositions; and locate your composition on Google Map. A
special tab (More) provides information, a tutorial and the latest
news about ImageTouch.

Version 2.0 lets you create collages and send them by email to others
directly from the application. These collages can be filtered by
tags, dates and locations, and located on Google Map via the

A free version is available at the Intellicore web site. A more
full-featured version is available at the Apple App Store
( for US$2.99.

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