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Chronos releases SOHO Labels 4 for Mac OS X Leopard

Chronos ( ) has released
SOHO Labels 4, an upgrade to its label, envelope,
and letterhead software for Mac OS X 10.5
(“Leopard”). This new version adds six new
features and a free bonus. The new features are:

° One-click address formatting. You can change
the address used on labels and envelopes on a
contact-by-contact basis in Preview mode with one

° U.S. Postal FIM Support. You can print facing
identification marks on envelopes to help orient
and separate certain types of First-Class Mail.
Support for FIM A, FIM B, FIM C, and FIM

° U.S. postal guidelines. Users can turn on U.S.
postal guidelines to improve the deliverability
of mail;

° A new Image Kit Browser for managing and searching artwork;

° Six new smart shapes for cropping photos;

° The new smart shapes for cropping photos;

° Multiple objects that can be resized together without being grouped.

SOHO Labels 4 also includes Christmas a Hanukkah
artwork as a bonus. SOHO Labels 4 is a US$19.99
upgrade for registered SOHO Labels users. A fully
functional 30 day trial version can be downloaded
from Chronos’ web site. For new users the cost is

Users who purchased SOHO Labels after Oct. 8,
2008, are eligible to upgrade to SOHO Labels 4.x
for free. Registered SOHO Labels users can
upgrade to version 4.x for $19.99.

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