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TuneWear announces new iPod products

TuneWear ( has announced new iPod products.
The PRIE Slim for the iPod nano 4G (shown) is a US$24.95 nappa
leather carrying case for iPod nano 4G. It provides protection for
the device against dirt and scratches and comes with a TuneFilm
screen protector.

The company has also released the PRIE Ambassador for iPod nano 4G, a
new line of genuine leather cases that let you carry the device in a
variety of ways. You can use the hook to attach the PRIE Ambassador
to a belt loop or strap. You can remove the hook for a slimmer case
profile and easily slip it into your pocket or bag. You can attach
your own lanyard or wrist strap (not included) and hang PRIE
Ambassador around your neck or loop it around your wrist.The
suggested retail price is $39.95.

TuneWear is also shipping the $24.99 TuneMax Car Charger. It charges
all of your electronic devices including iPhones, iPods, mobile
phones, handheld game consoles and PDAs. To use you insert the
TuneMax into a 12V outlet in your car and then grab a USB cable and
plug your USB device into the TuneMax.

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