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‘Smart fitness’ app comes to the iPhone, iPod touch

New Leaf and iTMP Technology have launched iNewLeaf, a fitness
application that transforms the iPhone and iPod touch into a fitness
monitoring system based on personal metabolic test results. For a
limited time, iNewLeaf will be available for free at the Apple App

New Leaf’s Active Metabolic Training program and test is offered in
select health clubs, personal training studios, medical fitness
facilities, and performance training centers throughout North America
and the UK where a simple 10-15 minute assessment determines your
unique response to exercise through measurement of the amount of
oxygen and carbon dioxide you breathe. For more information and to
locate the nearest New Leaf Active Metabolic Training facility, visit

This metabolic profile allows New Leaf to assign personalized heart
rate training zones and programmed exercises to take the guesswork
out of works. Consumers can access their information and track
workouts at New Leaf’s online portal,

Leveraging the iPhone’s Internet connection to, iNewLeaf
downloads a user’s customized exercise plans and training zones as
well as other data. iNewLeaf tracks not only standard metrics such
as heart rate and cycling speed, power and cadence but also provides
actual calories and fat calories burned, TRUcal and FATcal. After a
workout, iNewLeaf uploads the workout data to without
the need to perform any syncing process or procedure.

Additional hardware required is iTMP’s US$149.95 Heart Link
(, which provides a wireless bridge from
the iPhone or iPod touch to fitness sensors such as heart rate straps
or cycling speed, cadence, and power sensors on your indoor or
outdoor bikes. Heart Link also stores an entire workout’s worth of
data, compiling information even if the iPhone is interrupted by a
call or if the iPhone is not present.

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