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Recosoft updates PDF2ID products

Recosoft Corp., the developer of the PDF2Office
family of products, has announced PDF2ID Standard
2.0 and PDF2ID Professional 2.0. The company will
be shipping them for both the Macintosh and
Windows platforms in January.

In addition to more than 200-plus new features
and enhancements, PDF2ID 2.0 integrates and
supports InDesign CS4. PDF2ID is the a PDF
converter available for InDesign and offers a
direct, transparent process for PDF document data
retrieval and reuse within InDesign. Some of the
new features of version 2.0 are:

° A logical text frames linking mechanism has
been introduced that automatically links text
frames that are deemed connected, allowing text
to flow from one frame to another.

° PDF2ID 2.0 now recognizes and applies
properties such as Drop Caps, Drop Shadows and
demarcates paragraphs in Table cells.

° PDF2ID 2.0 remembers and stores all font
substitutions into a Typeface library,
eliminating the process of repeatedly specifying
font substitutions. The mappings in the Typeface
library can be replaced and overridden as

° Custom conversion presets can be specified and
saved for later use, alleviating having to
specify conversion settings each time a
conversion is performed.

A preview of PDF2ID v2.0 is available

Customers who purchased PDF2ID 1.1 licenses on or
after Nov. 24, 2008, are entitled to a free
upgrade to PDF2ID Standard 2.0 when it ships in
January. PDF2ID 2.0 will be available in the
following configurations: PDF2ID Standard 2.0,
US$299; PDF2ID Professional 2.0, $399; PDF2ID
Standard 2.0 Upgrade; $129 (for PDF2ID 1.x
licensees); and PDF2ID Professional v2.0 Upgrade,
$159 (for PDF2ID 1.x licensees).

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