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wavearsLE turns iTunes into ‘3D sound player’

wavearsLE is new software from Sonic Motion
( ) that “turns your iTunes
library into a 3D sound player.” With the software running in the
background, iTunes can be operated as usual, but the sound is
purportedly “true 3D.”

“The majority of the MP3 files in iTunes libraries were originally
recorded in stereo,” says Claudia Holenstein of Sonic Motion.
“wavearsLE takes those stereo MP3 tracks and simulates a 5.1 surround
speaker setup, virtually placed outside of your head. It sounds and
feels as if you were in live concert. Not only can iTunes be improved
with wavearsLE?, but all other players as well.”

A free beta is available for download. It requires Mac OS X 10.5 (“Leopard”).

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