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SuperTalent unveils sliding lid Pico-E USB drive

Super Talent Technology (, a manufacturer
of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, has launched the
new Pico-E USB drive, a small mobile storage device with a sliding
lid. Unlike most USB drives, Pico drives don’t have removable lids,
so there’s no worry about losing the lid.

Each style in the Pico family employs a different patented structural
design for closing: Pico-A and Pico-D have swivel lids, Pico-B is
retractable and Pico-C is lidless. The fifth product in the Pico
series, Pico-E, features a new sliding lid.

The Pico-E is water resistant and has a chrome-plated or 24K gold
plated steel frame. All Super Talent USB drives are backed with a
lifetime warranty. All six Pico-E models will retail for under US$30
starting this week.

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