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iScrapbook 2.0 for Mac OS X adds 15-plus new features

Chronos has released iScrapbook 2.0, an update of
its digital scrapbooking application for Mac OS
X. According to Jerry Halls, vice president of
sales at Chronos, it adds over 15 new features.

“We’ve developed a new patent-pending way of
bundling digital artwork into ‘iScrapKits’ which
makes the artwork fully searchable,” he says. “It
is now literally possible, for example, to
instantly find an image of a pink bow that is
made out of ribbon among a collection of
thousands of graphics.”

The major new features of iScrapbook 2.0 include:

° A new iScrapKit Browser for searching artwork;

° New two-page spreads that let users create
dramatic layouts that span two pages;

° A new two-page column option that lets users
view pages side-by-side to see exactly how they
would appear in a book;

° Six new shapes for cropping photos especially
for use with custom photo corners;

° New multiple objects that can be resized together without having to group

° An animated full-screen slideshow for sharing memories with others;

° New Trim-To-Page features that hide objects
outside the page for a quick preview;

° The ability to export albums to TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and PDF formats;

° Speed improvements when loading pages, printing, and exporting.

A fully functional 30 day trial version can be
downloaded from Chronos’ web site at; iScrapbook costs
US$49.99 and is available directly from Chronos
and from popular resellers including the Apple
Stores and OfficeMax. A family pack is also
available for $89.99.

Users who purchased iScrapbook after Sept. 18,
2008, are eligible to upgrade to iScrapbook 2.x
for free. Registered iScrapbook 1.x users can
upgrade to iScrapbook 2.x for $29.99. The
software requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

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