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Ultralingua announces Collins Brand Multilingual Dictionaries for

Ultralingua ( is collaborating with
Collins Dictionaries (UK) to bring multilingual dictionaries to the
iPhone and iPod touch. The new line, sold in the Apple App Store,
harnesses Ultralingua’s interface and search features to tackle the
complex translation of words and phrases.

Collins Dictionaries, a subsidiary of HarperCollins, offers bilingual
dictionary content with enriched definitions and contextual
indicators. By harnessing the power of Collins Dictionaries,
Ultralingua dictionary software makes language translation and word
definitions easy, the company says. You can look up any word,
anytime, anywhere with your Ultralingua iPod touch dictionary or
Ultralingua iPhone dictionary.

Ultralingua technology will automatically recognize inflected words
(conjugated verbs, irregular plurals) and will even allow users to
conjugate verbs in all their tenses. Each dictionary also includes a
number-to-text converter, allowing users to type in a number and see
how that number is expressed in words in a given language.

This release also includes a step forward in the Ultralingua
interface, including improved performance and stability, and
integrated history and back/forward buttons. These improvements are
included in all Collins dictionaries, as well as in Ultralingua’s
standard iPhone and iPod touch products.

Ultralingua dictionary software Collins dictionaries by Ultralingua
are found in the References section of the Apple App Store. Available
titles include: English Definitions, French-English Dictionary,
German-English Dictionary, Spanish-English Dictionary,
Italian-English Dictionary, and Portuguese-English Dictionary. Each
title costs US$24.95.

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