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SONiVOX offers free trial of 57 new Downloadable Virtual

SONiVOX has released the first batch of their new downloadable
virtual instrument plug-ins. These plug-ins, branded as DVI which
stands for Downloadable Virtual Instruments, give musicians and
composers access to a large collection of sample based virtual
instruments for Macs and PCs.

As a part of the rollout SONiVOX is offering a free trial program
allowing musicians to try these downloadable virtual instruments
before they purchase them. Users will be able to download and try
sample based virtual instruments in the comfort of their own home or
studio before they need to make a purchasing decision, says Al
Joelson of SONiVOX. Pricing starts at US$19.95.

Replacing an earlier series of downloadable instruments, the new
DVI’s feature synthesis engine technology developed in-house by
SONiVOX, as well additional DSP / Special FX by signal processing
pioneers and manufacturer iZotope. The initial 57 DVI offerings
include orchestral instruments, vintage keyboards, ethnic tonal and
percussion instruments, electronic instruments, guitars, basses, and
more. These new DVI products are available now to try for free or
purchase from SONiVOX at

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