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Look & Learn Keyboard is Mac compatible

The KeyRight Company ( has introduced the
US$39.95 Look & Learn Keyboard, a colorful computer keyboard designed
to teach correct typing. It’s Mac and Windows compatible.

According to Jerome Whitcroft, KeyRight founder and president, the
new product, “helps users of all ages learn, practice and master
typing, almost without trying, every time they use their computer or
laptop.” The product is a standard QWERTY keyboard that features
color-coded keys that identify eight “finger zones” for correct

For example, the blue keys are used by the right index finger, while
green keys are used by the left index finger, so typists know which
finger controls each key. The Look & Learn Keyboard is bundled with
an interactive tutorial CD designed to help the user develop the
correct motor skills, muscle memory and hand-eye co-ordination.

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