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FastMac announces iV extended battery, charger for the iPhone

FastMac has announced the iV, an extended battery pack and portable
charger for Apple’s iPhone that purportedly triples battery life and
adds a built-in flash and Bluetooth headset charger. Armed with an
iV, the iPhone is capable of up to 24 hours of talk time, 31 days of
standby, 20-plus hours of video and almost 72 hours of audio playback
time, the company says.

FastMac’s iV for iPhone is shipping now and can be ordered from the
company ( for a special introductory price of
US$79.95. Each iV carries a one-year warranty and a 30-day money back
guarantee. In addition, each iV comes with a90-day trade-in warranty
that allows the original owner to trade in their used iV for a brand
new, next generation iV for half price.

FastMac’s iV contains a 3100mAH TruePower battery. The iV is an
on-the-go mobile battery charger that allows for continuous iPhone
use even as it is being charged. Along with the dock connector port
used for charging and syncing, the iV also has a full-size USB port
that can simultaneously charge another device such as a Bluetooth
headset, digital camera, game system or even another phone. The iV’s
built-in flash LED can be used for emergencies and low light photos
or videos.

The iV’s battery is housed in a custom molded soft-touch non-slip
case that’s no taller than the iPhone itself and weighs 3.9 ounces.
The bottom of the iV is contoured so that it can be docked (and
charged) inside Apple’s iPhone Dock & Universal Dock and its speaker
chambers are designed to reflect sound up and out towards the
listener instead of away from them.

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