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Image competition results announced

LightWork Design has announced the winner of the latest LightWorks
Image Competition.

The winning entry came from Kheang Chrun. He lives in New Zealand,
where he does freelance illustration work, mainly of cars. He uses
trueSpace software with its integrated LightWorks rendering engine.

“One major feature of trueSpace which sets it apart from other mid
range 3D graphic authoring tools is the fully integrated LightWorks
rendering engine,” he says. “To achieve photorealistic renderings of
cars, I need a render engine which can accurately reproduce materials
specific to cars such as glass for the lights, chrome, metallic paint
and so on. The LightWorks render engine has a collection of shaders
that allow me to quickly and easily achieve the effects I want. The
LightWorks multi-layer paint is one of the most versatile shaders I
have ever used as it allows me to effortlessly reproduce the look of
the ultra-high gloss paintwork of today’s cars.”

In addition, runners up prizes have been awarded to Andrew Park for
his “East Street Lofts interior” image created using FormZ
Renderzone, and Flavio Adriani for his “Valve Amplifier “image
created using trueSpace. Both receive iTunes vouchers.

To view the winning image and all of the short listed entries, go to

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