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Ramjet offers memory for MacBook, MacBook Pro

Ramjet now carries DDR3-1066 RAM for the new aluminum MacBook and the
black bezel MacBook Pro. The new MacBooks and MacBook Pros have two
slots, and memory is to be installed in matched pairs.

Users will remove the two original 1GB modules and replace them.
Ramjet offers a 4GB kit, containing two 2GB modules for US$139.
These modules are fully compatible with the latest Apple firmware,
and are SPD configured for the MacBook and MacBook Pro. These Ramjet
4GB kits are shipping now, and come with a lifetime warranty.

MacBook 4Gig DDR3-1066 Kit
4GB MacBook Memory for 2008 to Mid 2010 Models 5,1 6,1 and 7,1 (2GBx2)

MacBook Pro 4Gig DDR3-1066 Kit
4GB MacBook Pro Memory for Models 5,1 to 7,1 Late 2008 – Mid 2010 (2GBx2)

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