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MacSpeech Dictate v1.2


— New Spelling Mode Facilitates Dictation of Unusual Words; New Phrase
Training Provides Increased Recognition Accuracy Based On Usage —

SALEM, N.H., October 20, 2008 – MacSpeech, Inc. today released MacSpeech
Dictate v1.2, the first major update to the premier speech recognition
solution for the Macintosh. Now for the first time, MacSpeech Dictate
customers can dictate any specific word, no matter how obscure, by spelling
it letter-by-letter with the new Spelling mode.

The new version 1.2 update also introduces Phrase Training, which helps
increase accuracy even more as one uses MacSpeech Dictate. The MacSpeech
Dictate 1.2 update is also a maintenance release that fixes reported issues
and introduces a new “Move” command for easier verbal editing of a
document. The MacSpeech Dictate 1.2 update is free of charge and now
available for registered customers, using the “Check for Updates” feature.

“MacSpeech Dictate 1.2 makes amazing accuracy get even better as you use
it,” explained Andrew Taylor, founder and CEO of MacSpeech, Inc. “We’re
thrilled with the huge leap forward this update provides our customers, who
can now dictate precise spellings, move their cursor using their voice and
improve their recognition accuracy toward the holy grail of 99%.”

The new Spelling mode in version 1.2 makes it easy to spell-out acronyms,
names and unusual words. The new Move command, introduced in version 1.2,
allows people to use their voice to relocate the cursor within a document
for easier vocal editing.

Version 1.2 includes new Phrase Training, what speech recognition
applications on other platforms refer to as “Correction,” to improve speech
recognition accuracy over time. The new Phrase Training capabilities
empower people to act immediately, when they notice text has been
recognized differently than intended, and promptly train the application to
recognize the word or phrase.

Recognition accuracy increases as a person uses MacSpeech Dictate, notices
misrecognitions and trains the application right away. The applicable
profile stores the Phrase Training data for future reference. Using Phrase
Training as one uses MacSpeech Dictate continually increases accuracy over
time from what was established during the initial voice training, or from
specific execution of vocabulary training.

The MacSpeech Dictate 1.2 update also includes significant interface
enhancements for a more efficient, intuitive experience.

MacSpeech Dictate is a new speech recognition product for the Macintosh,
with underlying speech recognition powered by the dictation technology used
in Dragon NaturallySpeaking from Nuance Communications, Inc. MacSpeech
Dictate delivers a truly Mac user experience, and conforms to behaviors
already familiar to Macintosh fans worldwide. Beyond dictation, MacSpeech
Dictate lets people perform basic navigation of their Mac and control it
with their voice to launch applications, open new windows, execute menu
commands, etc.

Compatibility and Availability
MacSpeech Dictate requires Intel-based Macintosh hardware and requires Mac
OS X 10.4.11 or Mac OS X 10.5.2 and higher. MacSpeech Dictate is currently
available in English at ( in the U.S., at
( in the U.K., and in other English-speaking
countries through International resellers and distributors listed at

About MacSpeech, Inc.
MacSpeech, a Mac-only company dedicated to producing the finest speech
products for Macintosh, celebrated its ten-year anniversary throughout
2007. Further information on MacSpeech can be found at

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