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WaterField Designs introduces TSA friendly Suede Jacket Sleeve

WaterField Designs has announced a new Suede Jacket Sleeve line
for the new MacBook and 15-inch MacBook Pro models. They’re available
for pre-order now and will ship next week. Models are also available
for the MacBook Air and 17-inch MB Pro.

The Suede Jacket Sleeve is a snug fitting, Ultrasuede cover
constructed of 100 percent scratch-free, washable microfiber with
stretch memory and no potentially scratching zippers. A loop on each
upper end allows users to stretch the fabric while inserting the
laptop. An imbedded neoprene strip along the bottom protects the
laptop. A TSA friendly laptop protector, the Suede Jacket allows
travelers to leave their laptop protected while it passes through the
x-ray apparatus, thereby minimizing damage and easing identification
once through security, says Gary Waterfield, the company’s chief

WaterField Designs will also offer custom-fitted SleeveCase sizes —
from its existing SleeveCase line — for the new Macs for those who
prefer more protection. The SleeveCase features customization
options: a padded front flap, two strap choices, a PiggyBack
accessory holder, and a choice of a vertical or horizontal oriented
case to match the orientation of a larger bag. The SleeveCase can
remain inside another bag while the laptop is removed. Alternatively,
one can opt to add a strap to the sleeve and use it as stand-alone

Additional WaterField Designs bags for the new MacBook and MacBook
Pro include the Racer-X and the HardCase — each with form-fitting
laptop compartments — and the Cargo, Cozmo, and VertiGo, which
accommodate a laptop in a SleeveCase.

Pricing is as follows: MacBook & MacBook Air Suede Jacket Sleeve:
US$29. MacBook Pro 15-inch Suede Jacket Sleeve: $33. MacBook Pro
17-inch Suede Jacket Sleeve: $35. Other compatible bags: Racer-X
($169-189), Cargo ($179-269), Cozmo ($169-189), VertiGo ($79-$89),
HardCase ($229-$249), & SleeveCase ($39-45).

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