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MacPractice 3.5 ships this week

MacPractice, Inc., the leading Macintosh practice management and
clinical applications developer, announces the release of MacPractice

While adding many new features to MacPractice 3.1, and continuously
updating to keep it current for ever-changing governmental
regulations, MacPractice developers have been creating MacPractice
3.5 since the release of Leopard a year ago. MacPractice 3.5
establishes a new foundation for many current and future enhancements
and additions to the capabilities available to physicians, dentists,
chiropractors and optometrists who prefer to use Macs to manage their

MacPractice 3.5 is the first version of MacPractice software
developed specifically for Leopard. Through the middle of 2009
MacPractice will continue to support users of version 3.1, which is
Leopard and Tiger compatible. Fifty MacPractice users will be updated
to 3.5 this week. Starting next week, all new clients will receive
3.5, and MacPractice will initiate the process of gradually updating
its 15,000 MacPractice users.

A new MacPractice server application and software architecture is
introduced with 3.5. Both server and terminal applications may be
installed on the MacPractice server. In small and medium sized
offices, this eliminates the necessity for a higher cost, dedicated
Mac server and more costly Mac OS X Server operating system. The
MacPractice server application manages all of the documents, x-rays,
and photos associated with patients stored outside the MySQL 5

Numerous announcements will be made by MacPractice over the next few
days and weeks about new capabilities introduced with MacPractice
3.5, including a new Kiosk with signature pad, enhanced EMR and EDR
(Electronic Dental Record) Narratives and Note integration and charge
posting, ePrescribe medications list, integration with AutoRemind,
direct integration with SuniRay digital x-ray sensor, and enhanced
MacPractice DR (Digital Radiography) and Imaging (medical).

“MacPractice 3.5 represents a major evolutionary step for MacPractice
products. We look forward to rolling out all the new capabilities
made available to our users with the introduction of 3.5,” stated
Mark Hollis, President and co-founder of MacPractice.

Physicians, dentists, chiropractors and eye doctors are encouraged to
view QuickTime demonstation movies of MacPractice software after
registering at

MacPractice, Inc. also supports the use of DentalMac, MediMac and ChiroMac.

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