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Pearson offers Apple developers access to ‘iPhone Developer’s

Addison-Wesley, a division of Pearson Education, is releasing the
iPhone Developer’s Cookbook, providing Apple developers with
information on how to build iPhone applications using the
recently-released SDK (software developers kit).

The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook provides readers with the skills they
need to build applications for the iPhone by presenting them with
recipes they can apply to their applications. This title will soon be
available to all Safari Books Online customers. Or for a free Safari
trial account online readers can sign up at In addition the final print book can be
pre-ordered here:

The author is Erica Sadun, who has written or contributed to over two
dozen books on programming, digital video, digital photography, and
web design, among others. She blogs for and O’Reilly’s Mac
DevCenter and Digital Media sites and regularly contributes
full-length articles to each of these sites and is a contributing
Editor at ArsTechnica.

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