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Toolbox for Leopard adds Light block

Opcoders has updated Toobox ( — a visual
programming tool that enables the combination of bitmaps, vector
graphics and effects into digital art — to version 0.8.2. A new
Light block has been added that has 12 parameters. The ight block
accepts up to four inputs for fine grained control of ambient,
diffuse and specular.

Toolbox’s modeless vector editor allows for a realtime feedback
experience while drawing and manipulating shapes, according to the
folks at Opcoders. You can start by drawing any vector shape, then
try out different shape filters, merge with other shapes, and finally
do post-processing with bitmap filters. Vector tagging is
Toolbox’automated selection mechanism. Each shape or point can be
tagged for further processing, mounting of other shapes and
controlling the softening of edges.

Toolbox 0.8.2 requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. The software costs
approximately US$30 for a single user license.

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