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QuickerTek releases MacBook External Battery/Charger

QuickerTek has announced the US$449.95 MacBook External
( for the
15-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook laptops. It either charges or powers
MacBooks with up to 10 additional hours of computing power.

QuickerTek built MagSafe compatibility into the product, says
President Rick Estes. “We use the regular MagSafe connectors coming
out from the Battery/Charger, so you don’t have to do anything
different,” he adds.

While the stock MacBook Pro recharges in five hours using the AC wall
adapter, the MacBook Pro External Battery/Charger purportedly
recharges in only three hours. It uses a Li-ion Polymer battery,
measures 9 x 6 x 1 inches and weighs five pounds.

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