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PDO ships Sleek Crystal Case for iPhone 3G, announces cases for

PDO ( ) is releasing the US$24.99 Sleek
Crystal Case for the iPhone 3G. It’s a hard protective case made of
clear polycarbonate material that features press-thru rubber covers
for the power button and volume switch.

The earphone jack and dock connector are also protected with rubber
inserts that can be opened for access to the ports. The two-piece
Sleek snaps together to form a tight fit. The entire front, except
for the screen and home button is covered by the Sleek. The iPhone
screen can be protected using the included film screen protector.

PDO announced similar Sleek Crystal Cases for the 2G iPod touch and
4G iPod nano. The iPod touch model will sell for $24.99, while
the iPod nano model will sell for $19.99. Both will be available in

PDO has also announced the TopSkin line of silicone cases for the new
iPod touch and iPod nano. The TopSkin for iPod Touch covers the
entire device except for the screen and sensor. The dock connector
and earphone jack are covered by protective flaps while the home,
power, and volume buttons are covered by a play-through design.

The TopSkin edges feature a micro-texture pattern for additional
grip. A film screen protector and lanyard will be included with each
TopSkin. The TopSkin for the 2G iPod touch will be available in
mid-October for $19.99 in black, blue, pink, or white colors. The
TopSkin for the 2G iPod nano will feature cut-outs for the screen,
clickwheel, and bottom. They will be available in black, blue, pink,
and white for $14.99 in mid-October.

Finally, PDO is announcing a line of ProFilms, protective films that
cover the entire device. These clear films are the same ones used to
protect car hoods from highway debris. Each package will contain one
set of films, application solution, and squeegee card and will sell
for $19.99. ProFilms will be available in mid-October for the iPhone
3G, 2G iPod touch, 4G iPod nano, and 120GB iPod classic.

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