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Magic Stones is turn-based RPG card game for Mac OS X

Magic Stones is a Mac OS X compatible game that’s a mix between a
role-playing game and a card game game with fantasy setting from
Winter Wolves ( It’s available for Mac
and Windows systems for US$24.95.

Here’s how the game is described: “It is situated in the land of
Aravorn, where you can find many hidden treasures in the darkest,
most menacing places, where druids are challenged to duel every year
in the Black Tower, in a fight to the death that will declare the
absolute winner. Three playing styles, 20 different avatars
available, each one with his unique skills, 17 different spells, and
over 15 total enemy druids.

“Gather Artifacts — If you choose this option, you will be able to
roam freely throughout the entire kingdom of Aravorn in search of
interesting places, like abandoned temples, enchanted forests, cursed
islands, and so on. Each of these special places has hidden
treasures: whether a magic formula, an amulet, a rune, or something
else, each of these objects will increase your druid’s power, not to
mention the experience you’ll get out of it (indispensable in
increasing your character’s level).

“Challenge Druid — The second option leads you to the Black Tower,
the place where the druids challenge one other to duels every year.
There will be 16 different druids in the tournament and you will
challenge them to a duel. You will proceed to the death, until the
winners are announced.

“Quest Mode (EXCLUSIVE) — This new playing mode introduces you to
various quests each one with its own custom story and new avatars.
You’ll be able to use also new creatures from the realm of Life and
Spirit Magic, and as well new unique neutral creatures and/or
characters. ATTENTION: this great playing mode is available only if
you buy the game here, on”

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