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Real-World WebObjects Bootcamp to be held in Frankfurt in

Big Nerd Ranch Europe announces the early bird
deadline for its Real-World WebObjects Bootcamp
taught by Guido Neitzer, November 10-14, 2008.
Students signing up before October 10, 2008 apply
for the early bird fee and save Euro 200.
Real-World WebObjects Bootcamp, held at the
distraction-free setting of Kloster Eberbach near
Frankfurt, Germany, is an intensive five-day
class on developing powerful Web applications
using Apple’s WebObjects application server.

Real-World WebObjects Bootcamp is designed for
all developers who need to write robust and
scalable database-driven Web applications.
Written in Java, WebObjects applications make use
of rich and stable frameworks that have been
proven and extended for many years.

Referred to as “Apples best kept secret”, most of
us have already used Apple’s own WebObjects based
applications, namely the iTunes Store, the Apple
Store, the MobileMe service, and the new iPhone
App Store. It is WebObjects’ scalability and
stability that makes it the ideal choice for
mission critical Web applications. Like writing
native Cocoa applications for Mac OS X, once you
know how it works, WebObjects makes developers
extremely efficient in writing expandable and
reusable Web applications. WebObjects
applications are built on the Mac and can be
deployed almost anywhere, running them
stand-alone or combined with other application

Over the course of five days, instructor Guido
Neitzer navigates students through an exhaustive
examination of WebObjects 5.4. The class is
structured into approximately 30 units of short
lectures followed by immediate hands-on practice
of lesson content. Topics include, but are not
limited to:

– Getting started with WebObjects, incl. Eclipse
and WOLips – Understanding WebObjects’ most
important concepts, frameworks, and components –
Getting to know the power of reusable components
– Mapping databases entities to objects using the
Enterprise Objects Framework (EOF) – Dealing with
data, incl. validation, fetch specifications, and
refreshing objects – Handle advanced database
topics, incl. editing context, relationships and
data caching – Unit testing business logic using
WOUnitTest/JUnit – Migrating to an updated data
model using Migrations – Localizing the
application for multiple languages – Exploring
Project Wonder, incl. AJAX, and other
ready-to-use components

“While Ruby on Rails is getting a lot of press
lately, WebObjects has had the same capabilities
for a decade,” commented Aaron Hillegass, Big
Nerd Ranch founder. “It is a powerful tool for
creating database-driven websites, and Guido
Neitzer is one of the most experienced WebObjects
developers around.”

While no previous experience in WebObjects
programming is required, it is helpful to have
some experience in object-oriented Java
programming, and some basic skills in HTML and
CSS. For students to achieve the maximum results
from the class, it is highly recommended that
students attending the class be familiar with
basic database design and usage. The class
structure is fluid and is designed to be
practical for the students attending. Therefore,
the class outline can be adjusted to accommodate
the needs and real-world challenges facing

Apple, WebObjects, Mac OS X, iTunes, Apple Store,
MobileMe, and App Store are trademarks of Apple,
Inc., California, USA. Other company and product
names may be trademarks of their respective

Read more about Real-World WebObjects Bootcamp,
including the complete syllabus,
or our instructor Guido Neitzer

The Big Nerd Ranch incorporates intensive
training classes for Unix and Mac OS X
programmers in a retreat setting outside
Frankfurt, Germany. Class price of ¤2800 (plus
VAT, if applicable) includes lodging, all meals,
original instruction materials, 24-hour lab
access, and transportation to and from the
Frankfurt airport. Students are encouraged to
bring independent projects to class, allowing for
input from classmates and individual instructor
attention. For more information, call +49 (931)
9911-485 or

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