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Lighthead Software releases Papaya 1.2

Lighthead Software today released version 1.2 of
Papaya, the application which lets you transfer
files between computers using the HTTP protocol,
through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

In Papaya 1.2, files can be transferred both ways
using the much requested upload feature, which
allows others upload a file to a Papaya Server
using a regular web browser. Other new features
include color labels, similar to those found in
the Finder; simplified access to recently added
items through the dock menu; a revamped user
interface with an inspector sidebar, which
provides better overview of the properties of an

“Uploading has been the most requested feature,
and now it’s here. With the new inspector, we’ve
laid a foundation for future features. Papaya 1.2
is really exciting.” says Tomas Franzen, lead

Papaya costs ¤20. Version 1.2 is free for
existing customers. Mac OS X 10.5 is required. An
evaluation version of Papaya is available for
download at

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