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equinux introduces the interactive Stationery Pack 2 for Leopard

equinux has introduced Stationery Pack 2 with over 660 e-mail designs
for Mac OS X 10.5

Munich, Germany / South San Francisco, USA – September 18, 2008:
Today equinux has released Stationery Pack 2, a comprehensive
collection of high-quality, interactive e-mail designs for Mac OS X
Leopard Mail. Stationery Pack 2 contains over 660 e-mail designs,
that can be generated from a total of 122 templates with a simple
mouse click.

“We are proud that Stationery Pack 2 expands Mac OS X Leopard with a
new feature: interactive e-mail designs,” said equinux CEO Till
Schadde. “Particularly MobileMe users, who used to send greeting
cards with .Mac, find Stationery Pack, with its wealth of e-mail
choices, an ideal successor with even more possibilities.”

Many e-mail templates in Stationery Pack 2 change their designs: A
click on the background alters color, themes and photos. A total of
122 high-class templates are thereby transformed into more than 660
possible e-mail designs for nearly every occasion: congratulations,
invitations, holidays greetings and much more.

Stationery Pack 2 templates contain dynamic text fields, which adapt
to the length of your message. To turn your own photos into a virtual
postcard with a personal touch, you can insert photos from iPhoto,
Aperture and any other picture folder in Mac OS X. Through
sophisticated drop zones and clever combinations of place holders for
pictures, you’re able to create exciting e-mails for unforgettable

For an overview of the vast array of different e-mail designs,
equinux delivers Stationery Pack 2 with useful software. The display
surface is similar to iTunes and divides the template collection into
seven categories. It also sorts according to key words and filters
templates with the help of a text search. To give you a better idea
of each template, an enlarged preview of each is also provided along
with all its design variations.

Stationery Pack 2 is now available in the equinux online store at from $49.95. The software appearing in a
high-quality box is coming soon to Apple retailers.

From the very start of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard last fall, equinux
presented its graphically sophisticated collection of high-quality
e-mail templates and quickly became the market leader for stationery
templates for Mac OS X. With Stationery Pack 2 equinux sets a new
benchmark for quality and interactivity in e-mail templates for Mac
OS X. Both collections together offer Leopard users almost 800 design
suggestions for e-mails with a personal touch.

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