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MacsDesign Studio announces Remote Desktop 3 integration

MacsDesign Studio (, developers of the
cross-platform help desk software solution, Web Help Desk, has
announced integration with Apple Remote Desktop 3, Apple’s desktop
management system for Mac OS X. More than ever, businesses and
educational institutions are seeking continuity and cost-effective IT
help desk solutions. The easy access to ARD information and instant
remote control connectivity from within the Web Help Desk promises to
boost technician productivity and raise the bar on customer

A scheduled or on-demand import of asset discovery data directly from
the ARD database to the Web Help Desk provides support professionals
with the critical, up-to-date asset information required to
efficiently resolve service requests. This new integration makes
Apple Remote Desktop 3 asset data available to any web browser
through one centralized web application.

Web Help Desk’s integration with Apple Remote Desktop 3 makes
initiating an ARD control session a simple mouse click away.
Technicians can instantly access all of ARD’s features and benefits
from a Web Help Desk ticket or asset view.

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